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"Marines I see as two breeds, Rottweilers or Dobermans, because Marines come in two varieties; big and mean, or skinny and mean. They're aggressive on the attack and tenacious on defense. They've got really short hair and they always go for the throat." - RAdm Jay R. Stark, USN, 1995
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Mission: Operations plans and coordinates all aspects of operations and training.
This is where you find information about planned events, training, fundraising activity and our detachment calendar. Whatever Operations we have planned or scheduled - you'll find here.


Click on the Calendar link to open the detachment calendar page. You will be able to view the scheduled events for the Two-Eagles Detachment. From there you can click on the Month for a PDF version of the calendar as well as viewing details for key events.


Marine Corps Birthday

Each 10 November, the Two-Eagles detachment co-sponsors a Marine Corps Birthday celebration at the Dan Patch American Legion in Savage. This has been a long-held event which was started by Gene Boyer and Chris Zollman of Savage, who provide most of the coordination and planning to this day. The celebration includes the formal cake-cutting ceremony and reading of the birthday messages. After that, formality goes out the window while we get down to having some fun. There is a smoked pig for pulled-pork sandwiches for a goodwill donation (proceeds are donated to a selected Marine Corps outreach project) and lots of door prizes. Each yeear we also conduct our Marine Corps Birthday Raffle drawing.

Veteran Fishing Outing

Two-Eagles Detachment sponsors an annual fishing outing for elderly and disabled vets. Our first outing was Saturday, 23 June 2012. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, the Dan Patch American Legion and Prior Lake Rental partnered with us to provide a great experience. There was the fishing, but also prizes and lunch, all at no cost to the participants. The Minnesota DNR helped by making this an educational outing, We got 'hooked' and plan on repeating this fun event each year during the summer.

Honor Guard/Color Guard

Every Marine, no, every veteran, is entitled to a ceremonial rifle salute as part of their burial service. Two-Eagles Detachment is honored to provide Honor Guard and Color Guard services. We provide Honor Guards at funerals and burials for Marines, and other veterans, who have gone on the their final duty station. We also provide Honor Guard and Color Guard services for a variety of veteran-related memorial or commemorative services and functions. Contact our Detachment via email to inquire or arrange for Honor and/or Color Guard services.

Sarah Care

Several times during the year Two-Eagles Marines sponsors special events for the veterans at SarahCare in Savage. SarahCare is an adult day care facility. Some of these events include; Christmas Lunch and presents, Summer grilling, our annual fishing outing for elderly and disabled vets and special events and gatherings. We also make ourselves available to provide an additional resource for veteran information to supplement the VSO.


Throughout the year, Two-Eagles engages in a variety of fundraising actvities. The proceeds from these activities are used to fund our Operations, detachment expenses and outreach projects. Some Key fundraising activities include:

Dogs and Brats At least twice each year we set-up some tables and a grill at different locations, notably Sam's Club in Shakopee, and Cub Foods in Lakeville. We use this opportunity to sell some dogs, brats and beverages to raise funds. We also distribute literature for veterans benefits and about the Marine Corps League. This is a great opportunity to make connections and promote membership. Check-out our calendar for scheduled fundraising events
Flag Sales At each of our fundraisers, or separately, we will sell small U.S. Flags, and the flags from each of the service branches.
Marine Corps Birthday Raffle Annually we conduct a raffle with the drawing completed during our Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Prizes include at least one firearm, but is a variety of other prizes such as gift cards, apparel and electronics. Tickets go on sale in September. We keep the number of tickets down to increase the odds of winning for everyone. This year (2012), there were fourteen (14) prizes drawn, including; Benelli Nova 12-gauge shotgun, Regulation USMC NCO Sword, $250 Gander Mountain Academy Certificate, Olympus Digital Camera, Ka-Bars, and lots, lots more. Each year to inquire about the Raffle send an email to the Two-Eagles Detachment. To purchase tickets after the raffle is announced, mail your check in the amount of $10 for each ticket desired, to: Two-Eagles Detachment, Attn: Raffle Tickets, PO Box 302, Savage, MN 55378.
Spaghetti Dinners Not just spaghetti, but we have branched-out to Chili. In the past, we have had the dinners at the Dan Patch American Legion, in Savage, but are now making this a mobile feast to expand our footprint and presence to as many people (and Marines) as possible. We have the dinner quarterly - watch the calendar and newsletter for announcements and dates.

MOS Mentoring

We have joined a program started by the North Star Detachment called MOS Mentoring. The program was started by Vinnie Howard, from the North Star Detachment. The purpose is twofold;

  1. To offer a primary opportunity to be in contact with recruits and new Marines as they are getting ready to go to boot camp or have finished boot camp and are preparing to ship to their primary MOS school. This contact gives us the opportunity to establish a face-to-face dialogue with the Poolee or Marine to plant the seed of membership, and more importantly, to build upon the Marine Corps foundation of brotherhood and that we take care or our own.
  2. To give the Poolee a chance to meet with some having direct experience in the MOS field in which they are interested, or the boot camp grad getting ready to go to school. The Poolee can get more information from a veteran about the realities of the field and what the MOS was truly like. If the veteran got what they expected and wanted. For the recent grad heading off to school it is a chance to make contact with someone who has gone down that path and can help walk point for him - give the Marine some time and information to prepare for a big unknown.

If you are interested in participating in this program and are willing to be an MOS Mentor to a new Marine, download this MOS Mentor Volunteer Worksheet. It simply asks for some contact information from you, your MOS information, about your experiences and recommendations for the MOS. It also asks if you are willing to serve as a mentor. Complete the form, save it, then email the completed form to Two Eagles Detachment Commandant. The form and information will be shared with North Star Detachment, The Department of Minnesota, and the recruiting stations in Bloomington and Burnsville initially. We anticipate the popularity of the program to grow and expand quickly.

Way to show what Improvise, Adapt and Overcome means in practice, Vinnie!


During the course of the year we occasionally promote the Two-Eagles Detachment, and the Marine Corps League, through the media. The following is a list of some past promotions involving Two-Eagles and/or Two-Eagles Personnel:

Radio Interviews Check out this recent radio interview on AM 950 KTNF, The Matt McNeill Show. Select to Listen or download the show for Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011. Our Commandant, Pete Williams, talks about some upcoming fundraisers and our mission.
Newspaper Articles Savage Pacer - 29 June 2012: Column: People of Savage Take A Bow. The Detachment is mentioned in a very nice editorial piece by Alex Hall. In it he lauds Savage residents and groups for their outreach to others.

Savage Pacer - 26 June 2012: Gone Fishin'. A follow-up story about the Take a Vet Fishing Day, with several photos of the event.

Savage Pacer - 2 June 2012: Angling for Veterans. Commandant Pete Williams is shown with Detachment Member, and professional fishing guide, Gene Boyer. The article announces our first annual Take a Vet Fishing Day.

Savage Pacer - 22 November 2011: Toys For Tots Drive Under Way. Commandant Pete Williams is shown with chief of Police Rodney Seurer to announce the start of the Toys for Tots Drive in Savage.

Savage Pacer - 15 October 2011: Former Marine Hopes Books Will Help Troops. Erik Therwanger, author of The Goal Formula, is a member of Two-Eagles. The book is his most recent of three, and describes a forward-looking goal-oriented approach to living.

Savage Pacer - 15 August 2011: Finishing As A Team. Though not mentioned in this article, at the ceremony each Eagle Scout was presented with the Good Citizen Award by Commandant Pete Williams. This is a great story about six boys that grew up together achieving Eagle Scout at the same time.

Savage Pacer - 29 July 2011: Once A Marine, Always A Marine This article is a great overview of our detachment, our mission and the reason we come together as Marines.

Savage Pacer - 25 December 2010: Marines Honor Eagle Ridge for Fundraising. Our Commandant, Pete Williams, presented an award to the Ninth Grade Student Council at Eagle Ridge for their outstanding results in collecting toys and funds for Toys-For-Tots.

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